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Shouldn’t Every Day Be Father’s Day?


In an era that talks about “toxic masculinity”, it is ironic that we still need male figures who are adults. You know, the guys who are comfortable in a male body, who don’t mind being the butt of jokes that begin with “dad bod”, and “old fogey”, and whose antics cause eyerolls among the entitled generations that they supported and raised. Fatherhood is not an accident of birth. It is a necessary repository of the wisdom of aging. If you want to destroy a generation, remove the fathers from the equation. Watch what happens.
The philosophers move words around on paper,
like chess players move pieces on the board.
Their Knights don’t ride real horses,
or carry real spears,
of do battle with real people.
Their Kings die;
but, then, they rise again,
in full regalia,
to go to war all over again.
Words won’t change a life.
Words won’t stop a war.
Words won’t move a man
to be virtuous.
Academic philosophers
never change anything.
What if a lone, solitary figure
got on a horse
and marched for virtue
and kindness
and caring?
What action will we take
to give the philosophers’ words meaning again?
Will we become the fathers again? .rickpensive


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