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Should I Appeal or Withdraw from a NYPD Notice of Proposed Disqualification

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Whether or not you should appeal or withdraw from a disqualification depends on the circumstances and facts involved in your disqualification.

Sometimes allowing more time to pass between incidents that caused you to be disqualified in the first place may be a good idea. In this type of situation, you may want to withdraw for now and try again later.

However, there are very few benefits to withdrawing, if your ultimate goal is to become a NYPD Police Officer. The withdrawal letter states that the next time you do apply for the job, the disqualification file will be used to determine your suitability.

So if your ultimate goal is to be appointed to that job, you may want to proceed with your disqualification appeal without delay.

When you are disqualified, that disqualification will not be reversed unless you take action. I have been assisting disqualified NYPD, FDNY, DSNY and NYC DOC candidates for many years. Each appeal is different, just as your history of school, work and personal relationships are different.

As a civil service disqualification appeals attorney with more than 18 years of experience, I have extensive knowledge on how to appeal a NYPD Disqualification. Over the years I have helped many clients win their appeal. I can help you too.

If you have questions about your NYPD disqualification and you would like to schedule a free consultation, contact me at 516 248 0040.

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