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SHIB’s Metaverse Issues Call to Action to Community, Here’s What It Is


As SHIB continues to gain traction, the SHIB metaverse says it is moving lightning-fast to build and complete each land using the highest standards of technology.

In the wake of this, the team is sending out a call to action to community members to enable it to build on its momentum.

In a blog post, the SHIB metaverse announced that over the coming months, it will be releasing a series of promotional videos displaying the current work done on the metaverse as well as new reveals.

Since revealing its historic partnership with The Third Floor (TTF) in July, the SHIB metaverse has made various reveals, from the scenic dunes, growing dunes, Canyon, Rocket Pond and WAGMI Temple to the Tech Trench.

Now it promises more in the coming months. For this reason, it says it is looking for video submissions that are one to two minutes long maximum, shot either vertically or horizontally and at the highest resolution.

The video could be about individual excitement for the project, what users intend to see on their lands and other themes such as inspiration for joining the SHIB community, among other things.

User images are allowed and for other contributions, audio clips up of up to one minute in duration are allowed, with credit given to users or otherwise anonymity if required.

In March 2022, the SHIB metaverse was unveiled to the delight of the Shiba Inu community. The metaverse will consist of 100,595 plots of land broken into four different districts.

According to the SHIB metaverse, it draws inspiration from the traction SHIB has gained since its inception about two years back.

As reported by U.Today, SHIB was one of the most watched crypto assets in 2022 on Binance, next to Bitcoin and Ethereum. SHIB also ranked as one of the top tokens traded and bought on the Indian crypto exchange WazirX.


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