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Shiba Inu Major Developer Hints at Shibarium Release


Shibarium, the long-awaited Layer 2 solution in the Shiba Inu ecosystem, may be coming soon according to one of the project’s lead developers, Shytoshi Kusama.

The Shiba Inu community is eagerly awaiting the launch of Shibarium because of the number of benefits it can provide, especially the opportunity for investors to make huge profits.

The information came from a post by Shytoshi on the Welly’s Discord server. There, the developer confirmed that the Layer 2 solution will be available soonΒ and also clarified that discussions about moving into a more active pre-release phase have already begun. Amid the curtain of mystery surrounding Shibarium and the silence of the developers, even this news should make fans of Shiba Inuβ€”or as they call themselves, the Shib army, happy.

Shibarium Hackathon

The exact details of the project are not known at this moment, but summarizing previous news, we can conclude that Shibarium will have scalability, i.e., the ability to handle large volumes of transaction data in a short period of time, provide a low-cost solution for a wide range of projects with faster transactions, low gas feesΒ and includingΒ a burning mechanism.


It should also be reminded that, in May, Kusama announced in his Medium blog the launch of the Shibarium Hackathon, which will accompany the release of the project itself. The hackathon will primarily have an educational purpose and educate the community about all the features of Shibarium, but particularly diligent participants will be rewarded for a special contribution to the development of the project.


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