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SHIB Developer Reveals Key Reason for Project’s Recent “Quiet Development”: Details


Shiba Inu’s lead developer, in response to a user who questioned the utility of the Shiba Eternity game, gives a key reason why the Shiba Inu team resorted to the use of teasers for upcoming innovations and why the development of the SHIB ecosystem continues to be done quietly.

Kusama says that when updates or even deadlines are given ahead of time, scammers or copycats often take advantage to replicate whatever has been shared. He wrote, “Moreover, in the beginning, I did my darndest to give dates and progress even updates and the scammers ran with anything we say. For instance, if I say we are working on a car, someone will make Shiba Car. Between that and being agile in this unusual environment. We’ve been forced to work in this unusual and quiet manner.”

He, however, admitted that a lot of updates need to be put out to show progress, while the project continues to work in an “unusual and quiet manner.”


The lead developer also expounded on the utility of Shiba Eternity: “The game is designed to be licensed to the Shib community so it can provide P2E opportunities for the community, and we figured to do burns with the app version.”

As reported by U.Today, the Shiba Eternity Players Guide, which details Shib’s CCG game, original lore and incredible art, would be unveiled on Nov. 2, according to an official announcement. While announcing the release of Shiba Eternity’s player guide, Kusama said he would explain, in his next blog post, what was happening behind the scenes and why his focus now turns to Shibarium and other TREATs for the community.

SHIB “hodlers” jump to 45%

According to IntoTheBlock data, SHIB is now seeing its highest percentage of long-term holders, setting a new milestone in the metric.

The percentage of long-term holders, or “hodlers,” has jumped to 45%, the highest so far, while that of midterm speculators continues to decline. Meanwhile, the percentage of short-term holders has held relatively steady.


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