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SHIB Army Strikes Back at Former Big SHIB Burner Who Slammed Shiba Inu as Pyramid Scheme


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Yuri Molchan

CEO of Bigger Entertainment and former SHIB enthusiast stands his ground, calling Shiba Inu pyramid scheme


Steven Cooper, chief executive of Bigger Entertainment, who used to be a big SHIB enthusiast and burner until the beginning of last year, has recently slammed this meme token, basically calling it a pyramid scheme.

Now, a SHIB-themed account responded to him, stating that he is “playing the victim.”

Cooper slams SHIB dev team

In a recent tweet, Cooper stated that “what was happening behind the scenes” of the SHIB token was “insane and destroyed many people trying to help.” His company, Bigger Entertainment, was among those “victims,” he claims.

Apparently, he was referring to a recent little falling out between SHIB lead developer Shytoshi Kusama and SHIB Defense Team co-lead Trophias. Tweets were published that Shytoshi made a “hostile takeover” of the Shiba Inu ecosystem when he created a new Telegram channel for Shibarium news and refused to add some of the major figures in the community, also firing them.

However, as U.Today reported, according to a recent poll, the SHIB army voted for Kusama to stay in power as the chief in charge of launching the Layer 2 solution “very soon.”

Steven Cooper tweeted that he was glad that the community began seeing “the truth come to light.” He stated that he feels for the SHIB community, but he does not want to be involved with SHIB or its developer team again.

He added that the dev team of Shiba Inu nearly destroyed Bigger Entertainment, as well as other companies, who tried to help burn the meme token. Until early 2022, Cooper was pretty enthusiastic about SHIB, conducting regular “burn parties” live on YouTube.

However, later on, according to a tweet, the SHIB team considered them a threat and began threatening smear campaigns against them. He does not hold Shiba Inu anymore.

SHIB account strikes back

Twitter user “Shibarmy Canada” (@Dezaxe) responded to Cooper, accusing him of not paying the artists who worked with his company and using the Shib army to fund his trip around the world. No more details were mentioned.

To that, Cooper stated that this is another “smear campaign” from the SHIB team and that all royalties had been paid to all of the artists. As for his position on Shiba Inu and its team, he said that he will “stand by it until he dies.”


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