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Seyfarth’s 2023 EEOC-Initiated Litigation Report Focuses on Big Changes at the EEOC


Seyfarth Synopsis: Seyfarth announces the publication of Seyfarth Shaw’s 2023 Edition of its EEOC-Initiated Litigation Report.

It is with great excitement that we announce the publication of Seyfarth Shaw’s 2023 Edition of its EEOC-Initiated Litigation Report. 2022 was another year of great change at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – and 2023 promises to be a year of even greater change at the EEOC. Seyfarth’s EEOC-Initiated Litigation report features a look ahead – and a look back – at the shifts at the EEOC and what they mean for you.

Notably, the EEOC is poised to achieve a Democratic majority in the coming months, and this political shift will inevitably impact how the EEOC develops and enforces its agenda. Not coincidentally, this imminent political shift aligns with the announcement of the EEOC’s proposed statement of its enforcement priorities for the next five years. The EEOC’s proposal takes aggressive stances on a host of issues, including:

  • a potentially new and progressive stance to expand the scope of workplace equal protection laws;
  • close scrutiny of the ways employers might use – and potentially misuse – technology in the workplace.
  • a reinvigorated interest in large-scale, systemic investigations and litigation;
  • a focus on equal pay protections, including not waiting for charges of discrimination to be filed, but instead initiating investigations directly by the EEOC; and
  • an ongoing but accelerated emphasis on preventing systemic harassment in the workplace.

Upheavals in the global economy are translating to real-world employment issues from coast to coast. The EEOC’s mission to identify and address equal employment opportunity issues is being put to the test in profound and often unique ways.  With a beefed up budget, an emboldened Democratic majority, and fresh priorities, we expect EEOC enforcement efforts to significantly accelerate over the coming year. Our 2023 resource is meant to equip employers with critical information to navigate this ever-changing regulatory and litigation environment.

To access the entire Seyfarth 2023 EEOC-Initiated Litigation Report, please click here.

We will, of course, continue to keep our clients and friends updated on all of these cutting edge developments throughout the year here at https://workplaceclassaction.com


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