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September 8: Can’t Miss Webinar on Privacy in AI


Join CPW’s Kyle Fath and Gicel Tomimbang as they discuss Privacy in AI with thought leader Christina Montgomery, IBM’s Chief Privacy Officer and AI Ethics Board chair, on September 8 from 12-1 pm PDT. Among other things, you will hear about:

  • The landscape of laws, regulations, and frameworks governing AI and automated decision-making
  • Where the California Privacy Protection Agency might be headed with profiling and ADM regulations, and how to data map in view of the current lack of clarity
  • How a global company is approaching the development of an AI framework

The webinar is being hosted by the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ Los Angeles KnowledgeNet. IAPP members may register for the event on the IAPP registration page. If you are not an IAPP member and wish to attend, please contact Alicia Didlo at Alicia.Didlo@squirepb.com.


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