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SEC v. Ripple Case Will End in Settlement, Believes Majority of XRP Community


Cryptocurrency lawyer and pro-XRP activist John Deaton has polled his followers on how they think the litigation between the SEC and Ripple will end in 2023. Choosing between a settlement and a verdict, most currently believe the first option will win out.

Nearly 15,000 votes have been cast so far, with nine hours to go. At the same time, Deaton himself claims that he wanted to add the option of resolving the process through summary judgment as well but was limited by Twitter.

In general, all options other than a verdict directly by the court are considered to be the most likely in the eyes of the public. The parties have filed papers for summary judgment directly for this purpose in the autumn. It is believed that the chosen course will not complicate the case further and will also reduce the parties’ costs.

Most welcome outcome of SEC v. Ripple case

Settlement seems to be the preferred option for all pro-XRP and Ripple participants, which increases the chances of XRP not being recognized as a security. In particular, as U.Today previously reported, the crypto company tried to negotiate a pretrial settlement with the regulator before December 2020, when the current lawsuit was initiated.

This December, two years later, history could repeat itself as talk of a long-awaited end to the process through settlement began to emerge, including from prominent members of the crypto community. However, the rumors turned out to be just rumors.


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