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Savoy Automobile Museum’s new exhibit ‘Built for a Crisis’


Built for a Crisis

CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA – The Savoy Automobile Museum  announced the opening on of its latest temporary exhibit, Built for a Crisis. In the 1950s and 1960s, it seemed like America couldn’t build its cars big enough. Even mainstream models were generally big and thirsty. Many drivers were getting tired of gassing up these enormous land yachts, but the market was slow to respond. The domestic manufacturers had produced some downsized models, but only a few, and Japanese automakers were just putting a foot in the door with their tiny cars. And then, essentially one day in 1973, everything changed when America’s oil supplier turned off the tap. The U.S. had become increasingly dependent on foreign oil. The United States used about 17 million barrels of oil each day, but only produced some 11 million of that itself. This exhibit displays some of the domestic models produced to compete with the smaller imported cars.


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