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Sainsbury’s Price Lock range cut by 20% since January


Sainsbury’s’ Price Lock campaign is one of its main value propositions
// Sainsbury’s Price Lock campaign has shrunk by 20% since start of the year – with 2,100 products included, down from 1,640
// The supermarket has ramped up investment in its Price Lock and Aldi Price Match campaigns this year thanks to an investment of £500m

Sainsbury’s has cut down the number of products in its Price Lock commitment by over a fifth since the beginning of 2022 amid raging inflation and soaring bills.

According to The Grocer, the supermarket currently has 1,640 items quoted in its online Price Lock page, which is 20% less from 2,100 in early January.

Sainsbury’s’ Price Lock campaign is one of its main value propositions, matching its products with discount rival Aldi on 250 of its highest volume fresh items and essentials, including dishwasher tablets and cereals.


As stated on the supermarket’s website, Price Lock cycles typically last eight weeks, which means the prices of products marked with a padlock won’t go up for at least about two months from each cycle.

Although the grocer did say that occasionally, the price may go down.

While the number of padlocked items online may vary slightly each week – particularly nearing the end of cycles when items are dynamically being added or removed from the list – The Grocer has said that Price Lock has been consistently shrinking throughout the year.

Earlier this year, the retailer said focused on offering its customers “the best possible value, including through Price Lock, which keeps the prices of around 2,000 essentials locked for at least eight weeks”.

However, the value campaign has largely featured less than 2,000 items this year amid mounting supply chain inflationary pressures.

Sainsbury’s has invested £500million into cutting the cost of essential items including milk, eggs, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables as boss Simon Roberts warned on the cost-of-living crisis will worsen as inflation soars.

In recent months, it has also increased the number of entry price level lines and improved value messaging in-store through new value aisles and promotional signage.

“With costs going up, we’re working hard to keep our prices low,” Sainsbury’s Food Commercial Director, Rhian Bartlett said.

“Our Sainsbury’s Quality, Aldi Price Match campaign has been really popular and this latest round of investment to strategically target the highest volume items will ensure customers get the best prices on the fresh items they buy day in, day out.

“Customers are watching every penny and we are making it easier for them to buy what they need in our stores. Clearer in-store signs and posters will help customers compare the lowest prices – because we know that really matters to people right now.”

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