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Rounding up a few (of many) reactions to Prez Biden's marijuana possession pardons


President Joe Biden’s marijuana actions on Thursday (basics here and here) were sure to generate a lot of buzz (pun intended?), and it would be impossible here to round up all of the reactions.  So I will be content here to just flag a few pieces that caught my eye:

From the AP, “Racial equity in marijuana pardons requires states’ action

From Axios, “The politics of Biden’s marijuana pardons

From Fox News, “North Carolina governor pushes to legalize marijuana possession after Biden pardons: ‘End this stigma’

From Law Dork, “Biden’s marijuana moves: The good, the bad, and the ugly

From Marijuana Moment, “Will Governors Issue Marijuana Pardons Following Biden’s Call To Action? Dozens Are Already Weighing In

From Reason.com, “Biden’s Marijuana Reforms Are Long Overdue but Will Have Just a Modest Impact

From Yahoo! Entertainment, “Bill Maher High-Fives Biden for Marijuana Pardons: Pot-Smokers ‘Do Show Up to Vote’


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