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Rootstock-based WakeUp Labs Partners with Kilimo to Use NFTs for Water Saving Program


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Vladislav Sopov

Using Rootstock, first-ever Bitcoin (BTC) sidechain with smart contracts, WakeUp will issue “water certificates” for businesses


Rootstock (RSK), an innovative Bitcoin (BTC) sidechain that supports smart contracts, is going to assign “water-neutrality” tokenized certificates to responsible businesses.

Rootstock (RSK) client WakeUp Labs partners with Kilimo to issue “water neutrality” NFTs

According to the official statement shared by the team of Rootstock (RSK), its partner has entered into a long-term strategic collaboration  with Kilimo, a “climate tech” start-up that verifies the water consumption of agriculture businesses.

WakeUp Labs, an eco-friendly protocol built on the top of Rootstock (RSK), will issue tokenized certificates (verification NFTs) to all entrepreneurs who created responsible water consumption mechanisms.

Farmers’ water savings will be represented by exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) issued on the top of Rootstock (RSK). Then, other companies will be able to buy these certificates in order to compensate Kilimo’s clients for their reduced water footprint.


Kilimo leverages Big Data and Machine Learning instruments to check the effectiveness of water resource utilization in agriculture. WakeUp Labs, therefore, will create certificates to verify the water consumption process.

Most secure NFT ecosystem in cryptocurrencies segment

As a result, the new protocol will generate an additional revenue stream for farmers who use irrigation efficiently. Kilimo founder Jairo Trad is excited by this new use case for the mechanisms of his product:

We are excited because Kilimo’s technology will allow farmers to receive income for saving water, and simultaneously companies can offset their water footprint. This is how we can make Everyday DeFi a reality

Augustin Pandolfini, Head of Social Impact at IOV Labs, is fascinated by such an important usage for Bitcoin-based smart contracts in the environment Al protection sphere:

Amazing to see RSK being tapped by these two influential players for a great sustainable cause that’s helping enable innovative everyday DeFi for farmers.

As covered by U.Today previously, Rootstock (RSK) promotes itself as the most reliable and attack-resistant DeFi platform as its instruments are secured by the entire Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate.


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