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Ripple Welcomes New Wave of NFT Creators to Launch Projects on XRP Ledger


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Another wave of music, gaming and sports creators is coming to launch their projects with help of Ripple’s initiative for NFT creators

As per a recent blog post published by Ripple, the second wave of creators has joined Ripple’s $250 million fund for NFT creators. The fintech giant announced the first bunch of creators in the spring.

They are focusing on NFT projects related to entertainment, bringing new use cases for tokenizing things on XRPL.

These creators are making new practical use cases in the spheres of gaming, media, metaverse and music on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) – a streaming music show based in Japan, a marketplace to be used by sports clubs, crypto news podcasts coming out on a daily basis, etc. These projects also assume the creation of NFTs, as well as built-in royalties and co-ownership.

Ripple’s Creator Fund is here to help

At the end of April, Ripple Labs spread the news about the first wave of creators to join its $250 million fund created to support innovation in the sphere of tokenization, and in particular the launch of NFTs on XRP Ledger in spheres like media, real estate, sports, music, carbon credits and many others.


The fund offers various kinds of support, mainly financial, as well as a technical basis for teams that are working on their NFTs. Ripple’s goal here is to support and speed up the future of tokenization.

In the blog post, Ripple names particular projects that are part of a new wave of NFT creators to be sponsored by the San Francisco-based fintech giant, Ripple.

Up to now, over 5,000 applicants have applied to join the Creator Fund set up by Ripple.


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