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Reviewing the Reversal Rates by Civil Area of Law for the Second District, 2010-2019

This time, we’re reviewing the reversal rates for the Divisions of the Second District in civil cases from 2010 through 2019.

Overall for Second District cases, the reversal rates were 100% in wills and estates, domestic relations and property law cases.  The reversal rate was 80% for arbitration law and commercial law.  The rate was 75% for insurance law, 64.71% in employment law, 63.64% for tort law and 60% in government, environmental and constitutional law.  In civil procedure law, the reversal rate was 58.62%.  The rate was 50% in tax law and zero in workers compensation.

The reversal rate in employment law cases was 100% for Divisions One and Four, 50% in Divisions Six and Eight, 33.3% in Division Three and zero in Divisions Two and Seven.  In tort cases, the reversal rate for the decade was 100% in Divisions Six and Eight, 75% in Division One, two-thirds for Divisions Three and Four, 50% in Division Seven and 42.9% in Division Five.  Six Divisions had reversal rates of 100% in government and administrative law – Four, Five, Six, Seven and Eight.  Division One was at 50%, Division Three was at 33.3% and the reversal rate for Division Two was zero.  Divisions Two and Six had reversal rates of 100% in constitutional law cases.  Two-thirds of constitutional law cases from Division Three were reversed.  The rate was 50% for Divisions One and Five and zero in Division Four.  The reversal rate in civil procedure cases was 75% in Division Three, 71.4% in Division One, two-thirds in Divisions Five and Eight, 50% in Division Four and 33.3% in Division Two.

Join us next time as we review the data for the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Districts.

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