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QNT Price Escalated 150% Since September with Another Massive Spike Today


QNT was one of the top traders in the crypto market on Monday. The cryptocurrency was up nearly 20% in the first third of the trading session but then gave up some of its gains. Another round of growth in the quotes of Quant Network token has pushed its price up 150% since the start of September, despite the extremely depressed state of the crypto market and its participants.

As noted earlier by U.Today, QNT is one of the potential beneficiaries of the rising CBDC trend. Quant Network has already made headlines for its work with the Bank of England on the digital pound and, as recently as last weekend, executives attended the SWIFT conference, Sibos, which included a focus on digital payments.

Quant Network (QNT) price action

In addition to a large number of fundamental factors, QNT is also showing wonders on its chart. Whereas a bear market is characterized by extremely difficult resistance levels and fragile support levels, the QNT chart appears to be in the heyday of a bull market.

Source: TradingView

First, QNT managed to hold the $91-per-token level, then it passed the $130-$150 zone without any problems, before rushing up to the $208 level, on the way breaking through the $180 level as well. That said, $208 is the same level that QNT passed almost a year ago to reach its all-time high. The cryptocurrency then rose 142% within two weeks, hitting $430.


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