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If you were disqualified as a candidate for a law enforcement or other civil service position for psychological reasons, the first thing you should do is hire an experienced and qualified disqualification appeal lawyer, who thoroughly understands the appeal process and will examine your particular case to determine whether or not you have grounds for a  psychological disqualification appeal. In addition, you will need to hire a Mental Health Professional who will evaluate you and then negate any negative findings reported by the NYPD psychologist. The Law Offices of Kevin P. Sheerin can also assist you with this task, as Mr. Sheerin works with several psychologists who specialize in this area of forensic psychology.

There are many reasons why a candidate might be psychologically disqualified, including issues brought to light during the psychological evaluation process, such as arrest history, driving record, employment history, disciplinary issues in school, alcohol and/or drug or other substance misuse/abuse, interpersonal history, educational history, mental health history, prior psychological prescription drug use and psychological test results.

As a civil service disqualification appeals attorney with more than 18 years of experience, I have extensive knowledge on how to appeal a NYPD Disqualification. Over the years I have helped many clients win their appeal. I can help you too.

If you have questions about your NYPD disqualification and you would like to schedule a free consultation, contact me at 516 248 0040.


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