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Postali Makes Sense of Law Firm Social Media Management



Social Media is an integral part of most law firm marketing efforts. Even if they aren’t doing it well, most law firms have some sort of social presence. Most, however, don’t have a thoughtful management plan in place and posts are often reactionary or sporadic. 

Postali wants to help law firms make social media work for them.

Managing Social Media for Lawyers

In order to leverage social media, a firm first needs to have a plan. They need to ask themselves questions like, who is my ideal client, and where are they most likely going to be? What type of information will speak to them, and what is it I want to convey to them? They need to write these things down so they can be more deliberate in their efforts.

Postali guides law firms to effectively work social media management into their overarching digital marketing strategy. They help attorneys understand which platforms will work best for them. They also help firms determine what type of posts will appeal to their clients and how often they should post content.

Postali can also educate the attorney and help them manage their own social media. They have multiple blog posts on their website, and their internal experts are always happy to help. 

Better yet, Postali can manage a firm’s social media for them. This means that a comprehensive solution is in place to connect with potential new clients. This solution can integrate into other aspects of a law firm’s marketing. A firm’s public relations efforts can reflect its social media, and its content marketing can lead directly to a significant place in its funnel.

With Postali’s social media management, firms can focus on what they do best, and leave the marketing up to capable professionals.

How to Get It

Want to learn more about how Postali’s marketing agency can help you manage your social media? Check out our full review, where you can compare features, read community reviews, and see other demo videos. Alternatively, if you’re ready to dive right in and connect with Postali, get a free consultation at Postali.com.

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