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Polygon Teases “Something Massive” on Horizon as dApps Climb to 37,000

Polygon, a Layer 2 scaling platform, is teasing “something massive” coming into its ecosystem. It gives slight indications of what the product might be, and it is related to consumer finance and the mass adoption of Web3.

Since the start of the year, the Polygon PoS chain has received numerous product additions, such as Polygon Supernets, a fast track for building application-specific chains; Polygon Avail, which is a scalable data availability layer; and several zero-knowledge (ZK) projects that hope to significantly reduce network congestion. Last month, the team unveiled the Ethereum scaling solution — a fully EVM-equivalent zkEVM.

The Polygon network also received some partnerships: Coca-Cola launched its unique and sharable collectibles on Polygon. The network also announced its partnerships with Techstars for a Web3-specific accelerator program and Epic League, a Web3 game development studio.

Now 37,000 dApps are building on Polygon

Polygon announces its most recent milestone of 37,000 dApps building on its network, referencing the latest Alchemy data. This is a nearly 200%, or double, increase from the number quoted in March and a fourfold increase (400%) since the start of the year.


Months ago, U.Today covered the Polygon network, recording six times growth while the number of dApps was given at 19,000 at the time. Then, the Polygon PoS recorded over 8,000 active monthly teams.

Now, the number of monthly active teams, which indicates developer activity on the Polygon PoS chain, surpassed 11,800 at the end of July. Out of this, 74% of teams integrated solely into Polygon, while 26% launched on both Polygon and Ethereum.

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