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Polygon Announces Plans for 2nd Half After Hitting Significant Milestones in H1


In a recap shared on its official blog post, Layer 2 scaling platform Polygon discusses its journey in the first half of 2022, in which several milestones were met.

Regarding network growth, Polygon states the number of apps running on Polygon to be over 19,000 as of its April analysis (up from about 7,000 in January). It also gives the average number of monthly transactions and cumulative contract creators as over 90 million and 153,000, respectively.

As regards funding since last December, Polygon stated that it committed $1 million to fund public goods on GitCoin, including $100,000 for the most recent round. The total amount of funds Polygon invested in hackathon bounties and Gitcoin commitments was also given as $2 million.

It also states that the $1 billion wager it made on zk-rollups last year has come to fruition with the launch of zkEVM. Other projects such as Polygon Avail, Polygon Nightfall, Polygon ID, Polygon Supernets and Polygon Edge entered the spotlight in H1, 2022.


Polygon ID, a self-sovereign identity solution powered by zero-knowledge cryptography that brings huge potential for DAO governance, was introduced in the first half of 2022. The most recent is that of Polygon zkEVM, an open-source zk-Rollup providing complete EVM equivalence for the Ethereum user experience.

Polygon also reports notable partnerships with an impressive number of major Web2 and Web3 projects, announcing building on Polygons such as Meta, Flipkart, the NFL, eBay and more.

Polygon’s H2, 2022, focus

The Layer 2 scaling platform says it undoubtedly has massive plans for the rest of 2022, which will focus on three key areas: products, events and accelerators. It has a mission to onboard a million developers to Polygon’s ecosystem.

The product is striving for breakthroughs in its product, which will in turn give developers more power to create the project of their dreams. Here, Polygon hopes to expand its foray into the ZK-space.

Polygon says it has numerous events and meet-ups that will onboard and support users. Regarding accelerators, Polygon said it would be announcing accelerators to turbocharge the most promising projects in its ecosystem. It forecasts that major partnerships in the next few months will sync builders with some of the best minds in the business while it aims to equip developers.


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