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#PoetryFriday – Life…Live It Or Not…It Is Your Only Choice.


When we die,

will something survive?

He feared death,

until he realized that it was inevitable.

No more tax returns.

No more debts.

No more pain.

No more sleepless nights.

No more traffic.

No more angry people.

No more politicians.

No more sickness.

No more death.

He looked at his loved ones,

and wondered whether they would feel pain,

or worry about him,

until they realized that his destination

was common to them.

If there was nothing after death,

should he worry about it?

If there was something after death,

could he change or control it?

When both options

contain the unknown,

perhaps he should live happily now,

and let the future take care of itself.

He either lived,

or he died.

If he lived,

he could continue his journey.

If he died,

he would either live in another reality,

or he wouldn’t have consciousness.

In both cases,

he had no control.

He decided to live

in the reality

he was given. .rickpensive


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