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#PoetryFriday – Death Is My Friend At Last.


I no longer fear death.

I know that you are there,

behind the midnight curtain,

waiting and smiling,

laughing at my mistakes.

Loving me, after all.

No one knows what is on the other side of midnight.

But, I know that you are already there.

That is enough for me.

Do you wear gold and silver there?

Does your golden hair flutter in the breezes there?

Can I touch you there?

Will I be able to get there?

Each day I will live happily,

knowing that my destination is assured.

I know that you are, even now, at my shoulder.

You look at me,

and know my heart.

I spend my days looking for signs of you.

I see you at the corner.

I see you in every room.

I walk to the car in which you spent much of your time.

I talk to the memories.

They sometimes talk back.

They speak of the past,

and the present,

and promise me the future.

Your Sunday paper came today,

preserved in plastic wrap.

I will think of you as I read it.

I will save the ads for you.

I will put it on your chair.

I will be careful to replace any dust that I disturb.

Does it rain in Heaven? .rickpensivepixio


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