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Podcast: Owner’s Outlook: Renovating and Expanding Critical Access Hospitals in a Volatile Market – Diagnosing Health Care


From the Diagnosing Health Care Podcast:  Over the last 12–24 months, Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) have seen steep cost escalation in their expansion and renovation plans, with expense increases exceeding 10 percent. Combined with nationwide staffing shortages, CAHs are at a crossroads as to how to proceed.

On this episode of our Owner’s Outlook series, hear from special guest Eric Shell, Chairman of Stroudwater Associates, a national advisory firm that designs solutions for rural and community hospitals.

Eric and Epstein Becker Green construction attorney Chris Dunn discuss how these hospitals can grow amid an array of challenges and what they should consider before their next expansion or development project.

Listen to past episodes in the series – visit our Construction Law page for more information.

And stay tuned for upcoming episodes and guests in our special series on the intersection of health care and construction.

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The Diagnosing Health Care podcast series examines the business opportunities and solutions that exist despite the high-stakes legal, policy, and regulatory issues that the health care industry faces. Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.

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