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Person Overboard from Oceania’s Nautica Cruise Ship

This morning, I received an inquiry from a family member of one of the passengers on Oceania’s Nautica seeing information regarding what is happening on this cruise ship.

The ship was apparently “circling” for hours last night and I was informed that tape was subsequently placed on one of the ship’s decks. Turkish police was apparently on board the ship now, according to one of the passengers.

The ship’s itinerary indicates that the Nautica left Barcelona, Spain on August 15th and sailed to Spain, France, Monte Carlo, Malta, Italy and Greece before being schedule to arrive in Turkey around noon today.

Images per crusemapper.com of ship’s AIS  indicates that the Nautica conducted what appears to be search and rescue last night while approaching Turkey. A person commenting on our Facebook page commented:

“A person has gone overboard on our ship… Oceania Nautica. Off the coast of Turkey. We are stopped and have been searching since last night….. just shocked.”

The cruise line, as usual, has not issued a public statement regarding what happened.  There is no public information whether the missing person was a guest or a crew member. We anticipate receiving additional information from passengers or crew on the ship.

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