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Open Legal Blog Archive Added Over 9,000 Blog Posts in August


The Open Legal Blog Archive added over 9,000 legal blog posts in the month of August. 307 a day, to be exact.

Added 152 legal blogs as well.

40,725 authors and 1,791 law firms and organizations are fueling what is becoming one of the world’s largest legal libraries.

The archive is being built for a numbers of reasons, including the preservation of credible legal blogs, making legal blogs easily accessible and the creation of citation system so that blogs may be used like any law review or journal in the advancement of the law or legal proceedings.

Have a legal blog that you believe merits submission to the Archive, head over to the Archive’s Submit Page.

The Submit and FAQs pages have information on the Archive and what it’s all about.

It’s LexBlog’s honor to be backing the Archive. We believe in legal blogs and bloggers as much as anyone.

Here’s the Archive’s report from Twitter.


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