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onXRP Partners up with Banxa, XRP Can Now Be Purchased via Bank Card & ApplePay

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Gamza Khanzadaev

XRPL’s most active project enables “fiat for XRP” on-ramp on its DEX

onXRP, one of the fastest-growing XRP Ledger-built projects, announced the deployment of the Banxa fiat on-ramp solution into its ecosystem. Thanks to this innovation, onXRP users can now buy XRP using bank cards or ApplePay. At this time, the fresh feature is available to users from all continents, with the exception of Russia, Canada, and New York and Hawaii residents. Enabling U.S. residents to buy XRP with a bank card was the top priority in developing the innovation, according to a tweet from onXRP.

It is also important to note that only XRP is available for purchase onXRP for fiat. The developers have not said whether it will be possible to buy other tokens of the ecosystem in the same way in the future, be it OXP or OVX. However, these and other tokens built on the XRPL blockchain can be purchased for XRP on the onXRP DEX.

onXRP has another Trump card up its sleeve

Currently, the DEX section of the onXRP website includes the decentralized exchange itself, the XRP-Avalanche bridge, the DeFi or onAVAX section – which was also recently introduced – and the Cash section, where users purchase XRP for fiat.

Nevertheless, there is another section that is not yet available, but by its name it looks very intriguing. It is a Swap section, about which not much is known yet, but given the rapid speed of development of the onXRP platform, it seems that users will soon have another tool to manage their XRPL funds.

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