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Only Fourth of Australians Support CBDC Issuance


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Alex Dovbnya

Only small fraction of Aussies would be in favor of CBDC issuance

According to a recent survey published by global decision intelligence company  Morning Consult, only a fourth of Australians support the issuance of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Only 5% of those Australians who took part in the poll would “strongly” be in favor of such an initiative.

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Notably, support for CBDC issuance is significantly higher in emerging markets. For instance, 61% of Columbians would want their government to issue a CBDC. Sixty-six percent of Indians would also throw their weight behind such an initiative. Japan has the lowest support for CBDCs: only 3% of its residents would support such an initiative.


Such a disparity might be due to the fact that people from developing countries have limited access to traditional banking services, which is why many see CBDCs as a tool for promoting financial inclusion.

Threat to financial stability

However, a significant share of poll respondents from both developed and emerging markets agree that private cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, would pose a threat to financial stability.

In Australia, only 15% of respondents are convinced that cryptocurrencies would be able to increase financial stability. At the same time, nearly half of respondents in India view cryptocurrencies positively.


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