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Oh, To Be Eight Years Old Again.


TopMate ES 31. Sometimes, you have to do an honest Inventory. We love going to amusement parks. Rides, shops, food, entertainment, all are available in Florida, and people come from all over the world to experience them. Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and more. But, after heart surgery, reaching post 70 year old ages, osteoarthritis, overweight (okay, old and fat), I realized that a day walking around the parks was more of a pain than it was worth. I have always said that I hated wheelchairs, even the powered kind. It seemed like surrender to me. But, the realist in me has realized that I need some help with mobility if I wanted to travel 6 to 10 miles in a day without stopping to rest every 15 minutes. Enter the adult version of the tricycle we all rode as toddlers. I battled with the idea that it would be a retreat to do it; but, the idea of an EV for adults intrigued me. So, enter the foldable electric trike. The older I get, the less I care what other people think. This might actually be fun. And, I can tell myself that I actually could walk all day if I really wanted to, even if it caused me pain. But, I realize that I just don’t want to endure that pain. Topmate es31


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