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Obsolete Room Needs A New Purpose.


It occurred to me that my law library is obsolete. I am semi-retired and don’t do litigation anymore that is contested enough to require a room for depositions, and I do contract and will signings at the front of the office. The room is essentially the same as when I moved in here 37 years ago. Even if I were to do depositions these days, many of them are done online, in front of a camera, and use Zoom. The law books that I purchased 50 years ago, and diligently updated over the years became obsolete when the Compact Disk was invented, and later made redundant when legal research went to the Internet. These books contain a paper record of every appellate decision in Florida since Statehood in 1845. Again, they stopped when law opinions went digital. The room used to be a garage when the house was originally built in the Fifties. Perhaps I could convert it back. There is a feeling of nostalgia, however, when I go out there occasionally, and sit at the conference table. If anyone has an idea about what I can do with it, please let me know. I will probably not do it; but, it is nice to think that it might have a future. 



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