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NYPD Psychological Disqualification – 2nd interview


Law Office of Kevin P. SheerinThe NYPD re-interviews candidates who receive NYPD psychological disqualifications.  This re-interview most often occurs at NYPD Psychological Services in East Elmhurst.

The only way to get a re-interview is by appealing your NYPD psychological NOPD within 30 days.

If your goal is to become a police officer, you must do considerable homework before filling out any forms, meeting with any investigator or attending any psychological evaluation.

Below is a video describing the NYPD disqualification appeal process. Please call 516-248-3494 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your history, the oral interview and the 3 step appeal process.  You can also email me at kevin@sheerinlaw.com.

I have been a civil service disqualification appeals attorney for more than 18 years, and I have extensive experience regarding how to appeal a NYPD Disqualification. Over the years I have helped many clients win their appeal. I can help you too.

If you have questions about your NYPD psychological disqualification and you would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact me at 516 248 0040.

Email: kevin@sheerinlaw.com

Website: www.sheerinlaw.com

Blog: civilservice.sheerinlaw.com

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