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NYPD NOPD Disqualifications


A Notice of Proposed Disqualification (NOPD) is the first notice you will receive when you are NYPD disqualified.  You have 30 days to respond/appeal to a NOPD.  It is wise to consult with an attorney to protect your rights and make the most compelling arguments to increase your chances of getting a reversal of your NYPD disqualification.

Having been a civil service disqualification appeals attorney for more than 18 years, I have extensive knowledge on how to appeal a NYPD Disqualification. During that time I have helped many clients win their appeal. I can help you too.

If you have questions about your NYPD disqualification and you would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact me at 516 248 0040 to discuss your appeal.

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