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No, Vitalik Buterin Is Not Giving Away Ethereum Ahead of Merge


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Alex Dovbnya

Ethereum scams are becoming inescapable ahead of the much-hyped merge event that is expected to occur next week

With the Ethereum merge being just days away, opportunistic cryptocurrency scammers are attempting to cash in on the hype surrounding the much-anticipated event.

The official Twitter account of KMFM, a radio station based in a South East England County called Kent, was recently compromised to promote an Ethereum (ETH) giveaway scam by impersonating Vitalik Buterin.

Over the past week, several other verified Twitter accounts have been compromised to specifically target the Ethereum community.

In mid-August, Buterin warned that all of his Instagram accounts are fake and have nothing to do with him.


Earlier this September, U.Today reported that some Ethereum users face a “dust attack,” with scammers sending a suspicious token to wallets to trick potential victims into approving phishing tractions by pretending to hold a vote on forking Ethereum 2.0.   

The Ethereum merge event is likely to finally take place sometime between Sept. 13-16 after several years of delays. By switching to proof-of-stake, the blockchain will be able to cut its energy usage by roughly 99.95%.

Of course, it should be noted that the upgrade will not be accompanied by any airdrops or giveaways, which is why social media users should automatically discard such announcements as scams.

As reported by U.Today, fraudsters recently tricked thousands of people into watching a fake Apple stream on YouTube that was advertising a cryptocurrency scam during the tech giant’s September event.

Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk complained about Twitter bots impersonating Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao in order to scam gullible users.


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