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New Chief & Justice sworn in


The Recorder starts us off with 2023 with Patricia Guerrero Sworn In as Chief Justice of California — Gov. Gavin Newsom also administered the oath of office to new Associate Justice Kelli Evans, the first lesbian justice to serve on California’s high court.

Flanked by her sister and holding a rodeo belt-buckle won by her cowboy father, Patricia Guerrero was sworn in Monday as California’s 29th chief justice, marking the first time a Latina has led the position. 
Gov. Gavin Newsom also administered the oath of office to new Associate Justice Kelli Evans at a brief afternoon ceremony held at the Library and Courts Building in Sacramento. … Neither Guerrero nor Evans spoke publicly at Monday’s event.

The DJ has California’s new chief justice faces a long list of daunting tasks

Answering a question from Attorney General Rob Bonta during her confirmation hearing, Guerrero acknowledged the challenges ahead. “I don’t think anyone can be ready … on Day One,” Guerrero said, acknowledging her lack of experience but emphasizing her background in private practice and on the bench. “What I hope to do is to grow into this role and learn from others.”

Also today’s DJ’s Exceptionally Appealing Column (which runs the first Tuesday of the month) is Interesting Times: The 2022 Appellate Year in Review.

It may be a new year, but the typical problems with appellate briefing are old… and fatal — as seen here.


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