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Need Help With Canada Immigration? The Backlog Is Now 2.7 Million People


Canada’s immigration backlog has grown to 2.7 million people. For foreigners who want to move to Canada, wait times are increasing. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created a federal task force of cabinet ministers in June to address the backlog to make recommendations to fast-track the immigration process and to address issues that are causing the delay in application processing. The task force will create both long-term and short-term solutions that will clear the backlogs and improve the quality and speed of services:

We know service delays, particularly in recent months, are unacceptable. We will continue to do everything we can to improve the delivery of these services in an efficient and timely manner, and this new task force will help guide the work of the government to better meet the changing needs of Canadians and continue to provide them with the high-quality services they need and deserve.
– Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC) backlog increased to 2,679,031 as of July 17, 2022 – a 291,147 increase over the June backlog. While other programs are increasing, the Express Entry backlog is reducing, and IRCC resumed all program Express Entry Draws on July 6.

#1 Way to Expedite Your Move to Canada:
Consult an Immigration Lawyer

Don’t get lost in Canada’s immigration backlog of 2.7 million people. IRCC offers many programs and pathways to immigrate to Canada and is actively recruiting talented, skilled and educated foreigners to help rebuild Canada’s economy and create jobs. An experienced Canadian immigration lawyer is the #1 way for foreigners to expedite their immigration application and remove roadblocks:

5 Reasons to Call a Canada Immigration Lawyer TODAY

  1. Higher Success Rate
    Immigration applications to Canada have a significantly higher rate of success – nearly double! – when the applicant hires an immigration lawyer instead of filling the application out themselves or hiring an immigration consultant, according to an independent study.
  2. Streamline the Application Process
    An experienced immigration lawyer has years of experience navigating Canada’s challenging immigration system and can help simplify the process so nothing is missed or misunderstood.
  3. Mistakes Can Be Costly and Stressful
    An immigration lawyer can identify potential problems in your application, and advise you on your best alternative options BEFORE you submit your application.
  4. Reapplying After Your Application is Denied is Challenging
    If your immigration application to IRCC has been denied, it is more difficult to have it approved if you re-apply – and costs additional time and money.
  5. Immigration Lawyers Have Advanced Technology and Expertise with Difficult Cases
    A missed deadline or incomplete application can result in your immigration application being denied.

* Immigration applicants are not required to hire a lawyer.

Read More: 11 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Immigration Lawyer

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At Ackah Business Immigration Law, we’re successful when our clients are successful. Ackah Law exclusively practices immigration law and has over 50 years of combined success. We maximize our resources with leading-edge technology and cloud-based systems to exceed client expectations. We help our clients focus on their personal and business goals by investing in people and technology that keep our standards high and our fees reasonable.

Ackah Business Immigration Law provides Canada and U.S. immigration services. To reach your immigration goals of immigration law, you need experienced immigration lawyers, immigration consultants and paralegals guiding you along the way. Based in Calgary, Alberta, with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, we support clients all over the world.

Contact Ackah Law today to discuss your situation at 403-452‑9515.


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