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My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) Collaborates with OVER App, Launches Prize Hunt


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Vladislav Sopov

Through OVER App, My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) enthusiasts are able to take part in a large-scale community-driven promo campaign


My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), a leading GameFi/NFT ecosystem and immersive Metaverse virtual world, has entered into a collaboration with OVER App to launch a community campaign with lucrative prizes.

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) launches prize hunt and video contest in OVER

According to the official announcement shared by the My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) team, its players are invited to join a Prize Hunt campaign and video creator tournament.

The campaign is organized within a new collaboration My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) has scored with OVER App, an all-in-one AR/VR platform with a focus on NFT- and GameFi-centric protocols.

To join the promo, players should download OVER app for Android- and iOS-based devices, sign in to the My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) game and start playing. The top 10 players will be selected; 1000 ALICE in rewards will be assigned to the champion of the leaderboard. A total of 2150 ALICE will be distributed among other winners.


Then, My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) enthusiasts can take part in a video content contest. To be eligible for participation, GameFi fans should share some video content in Twitter with the hashtags #MNASpiritHunt and #comeonover. Creators of the five best videos will be rewarded with a 20 ALICE bonus each.

Bringing NFT and GameFi enthusiasts to Lummelunda world

Also, the top 100 players of the game will be rewarded with an exclusive Spirit NFT T-Shirt. The game will be running in the OVER App from Sept. 5 to 26, 2022.

Antonio Palma, head of business development at My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), is excited by the opportunities the new campaign unlocks for all participants and supporters:

We are truly happy with this collaboration with Over. They have a great team behind a great project.

The concept of exploration is important to us and, with this collaboration, our community will be able to explore the real world – and capture the Nature’s rest island spirits via their AR technology – in the same way that players can explore Alice’s world in our game. 

In My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), players are invited to chase “Island Spirits,” small creatures that run around the islands.


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