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More highlights from lots of great new Inquest essays


I flagged a number of great pieces from Inquest in a number of prior posts (recent examples here and here).  Inquest, “a decarceral brainstorm,” keeps churning out great new must-read essays, and I am not sure how anyone can keep up with all the great content.  Here are just a few of the recent pieces worth checking out with an emphasis on sentencing and corrections topics:

By Alan Dettlaff, “End Carceral Social Work: To stay true to their professed values, social workers must wholly disavow and remove themselves from systems of harm.”

By Lynne Haney, “Making Men Pay: For incarcerated fathers, child-support and related debt create their own feedback loops of disadvantage and punishment.”

By Brad Haywood, “Busting the Myth: Many progressive prosecutors promised bold change. In Virginia and elsewhere, reformers are realizing that they’re still actors in the same machinery of injustice.”

By Aziz Huq, “After the Backlash: Understanding the democratic appeal of retrenchment and reaction to movements for racial justice has never been more urgent.” 


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