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Minnesota Likely to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use in Near Future


Whether to legalize the adult use of recreational marijuana has been a highly scrutinized topic for many years. A resolution in Minnesota could be on the horizon, however, as new developments in the Minnesota legislature signal that adult use legalization may be around the corner.

In 2021, the Democratic Farm Labor (“DFL”) controlled Minnesota House of Representatives approved a bill that would legalize the adult use of recreational marijuana in the State of Minnesota. At that time, however, the Republican controlled Minnesota Senate refused to hold hearings on the bill which, when the 92nd Legislative Session ended, effectively killed it.

When the Minnesota legislature begins its 93rd Legislative Session, the chances of a bill passing both the House and Senate will be much higher. These increased chances are thanks to the most recent election held in 2022, during which the DFL took control of the senate and maintained its hold on both the House and the governor’s office. Following the election, multiple elected officials, including Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, signaled that passing a recreational cannabis law will be a top priority in the next legislative session.

Although the bill in 2021 was killed by the Senate, it may operate to serve as a model for the bill that will likely be introduced in 2023. With that in mind, those hoping to enter Minnesota’s recreational marijuana industry if and when a bill is ultimately passed would be well served reviewing the 2021 version of the bill and familiarizing oneself with the various regulations set forth in that bill. The 2021 version of the bill can be found here.

The Minnesota Legislature’s next session convenes on January 3, 2023. Stay tuned for more updates on whether, and when, Minnesota will legalize the adult use of recreational marijuana.


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