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Miles Mason, Sr. Guests on Amy Helms Podcast: Hope After Narcissistic Abuse


Miles Mason, Sr. Guests on Amy Helms Podcast: Hope After Narcissistic Abuse

Miles Mason, Sr. guests on the new podcast by Amy Helms, Hope After Narcissistic Abuse, Jan. 11, 2023.

Topics will include:

Advice for Divorcing a Narcissist

  • Financial abuse & issues with narcissist during divorce
  • How to divorce when dealing with a narcissist
  • Approaching a custody battle with a narcissist
  • How one can best present in court

Podcast platforms include Apple, Spotify, Google, and several others.

Amy Helms, LISW-CP, MS, CEDS-S, RD, LD, CCTP, P-SEP is an Eating Disorder Specialist, with New Hope Counseling and Wellness Center, LLC. P: 803-569-9164.  3321 Forest Drive Suite 3 Columbia, SC 29204. See contact information below.

From Amy Helms:

How There Is Hope After Narcissistic Abuse

Welcome everyone to “Hope After Narcissistic Abuse.” I am your host Amy and this episode is an introduction of what this podcast is about. A little bit about me and who I am, I work as a therapist in private practice. Our practice is grounded in Hope. We know that Hope is one of the main predictors in successful treatment. I want you to find the hope in recovery. If you do not have this yet, it is okay. I have it for you. I have been where you are. Not only that, I have worked with countless women in the same place. Over the years, I have observed similar patterns in both my clients and in the narcissists in their lives. Why is this important? It has provided a framework to help you achieve a life filled with joy, hope, and happiness. Yes, it takes work. However, I promise that you will not have a single day working toward recovery that will be more difficult than the pain that comes with living with narcissistic abuse. I am trained as a trauma therapist using a somatic experiencing approach. I also work in forensics, parent coordination, child and adolescent trauma, eating disorders, and legal matters. My greatest joy is being a mom and being able to live an independent life. I am excited to share the wisdom of many experts with you, including the wisdom of others in recovery and experts on trauma recovery and healthy relationships. Thank you for tuning in!

Connect with Amy:

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