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MicroStrategy to Launch Software Apps Powered by BTC Lightning Network in 2023: Michael Saylor


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Yuri Molchan

Michael Saylor has teased new BTC Lightning Network powered by MicroStrategy next year

Chinese crypto journalist and crypto blogger Colin Wu has tweeted that during recent Twitter Spaces, former MicroStrategy CEO and now executive chairman Michael Saylor said next year the business intelligence giant would launch software applications and solutions based on the Lightning Network.

In particular, according to Wu, among these applications would be a Lightning Network version of a browser.

Earlier this year, U.Today reported that MicroStrategy was hiring a Bitcoin Lightning Software Engineer. The business intelligence behemoth then stated that it was planning to make its own SaaS platform powered by Bitcoin Lightning Network. The goal is to enable enterprises to use new solutions for making e-commerce use cases for the Lightning Network.

On Dec. 28, MicroStrategy acquired another portion of the flagship cryptocurrency, now holding 132,500 BTC worth nearly $4 billion. Yesterday, MicroStrategy bought another 2,395 BTC. However, there is a new twist in the story of MicroStrategy holding the largest chunk of Bitcoin on its balance sheet.

Earlier this month, about a week ago, the company, for the first time, sold 704 Bitcoins, gaining approximately $11.2 million on the sale. Curiously, this sell-off took place after Saylor said multiple times this year that MicroStrategy would never sell any of its BTC since it plans to hold them for at least several years (a term of 10 years was mentioned as well).

Michael Saylor, the co-founder, is no longer the chief executive of the company but remains its executive chairman. He opted to give this position over to high-ranking executive Phong Le in August in order to place more focus on the Bitcoin strategy for his company. He remains a Bitcoin evangelist, despite MicroStrategy having sold a small portion of its BTC stash a week ago.


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