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Method MetaGuild (MMG) Token Sale Kicks Off Sept. 29

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Method MetaGuild, major Web3 esports platform, shares details of its much-anticipated token sale


Method MetaGuild, a platform focused on bringing Web3 and esports together, proudly announces its MMG token sale campaign on the Republic launchpad.

MMG token by Method MetaGuild debuts on Republic on Sept. 29

According to an official announcement shared by the Method MetaGuild platform on its social media accounts, MMG, the first-ever native token of Method MetaGuild, will be offered for sale Sept. 29, 2022.

The token sale will take place on Republic’s launchpad platform. Basically, MMG is set to allow its holder to own a piece of Method MetaGuild.

Besides the ability to access in-game virtual property, NFTs and treasury assets, MMG will be an interest-bearing token: its holders will share a portion of the platform’s revenue.


The Method MetaGuild team is excited by the number of opportunities MMG unlocks for its holders and traders:

The core value of the MMG Token is to deliver financial value to holders in the form of dividends and capital appreciation. In addition, holders of MMG Tokens will recognize value through various forms of access and governance.

All-in-one esports utility asset: What is MMG?

Also, MMG holders will share revenue from future esports events and marketing efforts of the platform’s contributors and supporters.

Method MetaGuild is helmed by Scott “Method” McMillan, a 17-year esports veteran and award-winning entrepreneur. His guild achieved 12 World Firsts in global WoW tournaments.

The token release is organized in collaboration with Everyrealm, one of the most active Web3 investing teams in the GameFi and Metaverse segment.

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