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Man Falls Asleep at Wheel of Truck That Crashes Through Fenced Yard at MCAS Miramar


Single vehicle crash fell asleep
A truck tows the damaged vehicle after the crash at a MCAS Miramar storage yard. Photo credit: OnScene.TV

A man who fell sleep at the wheel of his truck on Interstate 15 Saturday walked away unhurt despite slamming through fencing at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

The motorist was driving southbound near Miramar Way at about 7:30 a.m. when his truck left the roadway and struck a light post on the right shoulder, according to OnScene.TV.

The truck continued down the shoulder inside the guardrail, and struck a post, sending the truck to the right. That shift may have saved the man’s life as he had been heading directly toward a large freeway sign pole.

But he truck just glanced off the pole, sending it into the brush and through fencing around the Marine base’s RV/trailer storage area where it came to a stop.

Investigators do not consider DUI a factor in the wreck, OnScene reported.


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