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Lots of news and notes about federal prisons as leadership transitions


This official posting by the federal Bureau of Prisons, headlined “Attorney General Swears in Colette S. Peters,” reports on the official transition of leadership for our national prisons agency.  Here is how it starts:

On Tuesday morning, August 2, 2022, Attorney General Garland officiated the Investiture of Colette S. Peters as the 12th Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In his opening remarks, the Attorney General said the mission of the Department of Justice is to “uphold the rule of law, keep our country safe and protect civil rights. And that mission depends on an effective, safe and humane correctional system.”

As highlighted by the news and commentary about various federal prisons matters from various outlets, there are plenty of old problems for a new BOP leader to deal with both short- and long-term:

From the AP, “US keeping ex-prison chief as top adviser after rocky tenure

Also from the AP, “Senate to hold hearing on crisis-plagued federal prisons

From The Marshall Project, “She Tried to ‘Humanize’ Prisons in Oregon. Can She Fix the Federal System?

From Reason.com, “Biden’s New Bureau of Prisons Director Won’t be Able To Run Away From the Agency’s Corruption

Also from Reason.com, “Federal Government Under Fire Over Conditions at Atlanta Federal Prison

From the Washington Post, “U.S. prison officials resist making inmates pay court-ordered victim fees


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