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Scanning the home page of the paper of record, I wondered how it would remember 9/11. My expectations were low, but not low enough. There was nothing. No mention. A day that will live in infamy? Obviously not.

It’s like it never happened, which might be better than the alternative, which is where it’s trivialized as no big deal, the number of deaths following a terrorist attack on American soil is barely a fraction of those who died of COVID-19 because they refused to wear masks or get vaccinated. This version of reality shows how the progressive left has transcended the petty deaths of barely 3000 Americans compared to the millions who died during the pandemic because they loved Trump.

Then there’s the woke racist angle, that 9/11 gave rise to yet another American racist attack against Muslims and Arabs, and anyone who looked arabish, as brown skinned devils. And even the freedom fighters in planes were merely standing up against America’s disgraceful racist and capitalist ways. While it might be wrong to fly a plane into tall buildings, their cause was understandable.

And now there’s no room on the homepage of the New York Times to even mention that today is the 21st Anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center, the deaths of husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, our family.

Curiously, there is an op-ed that relates tangentially to 9/11, though it’s really about Rudy Giuliani and his fall from grace following his high point as America’s Mayor after he didn’t lose his head in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

With his fame at its pinnacle following Sept. 11, every possible career door swung open. But instead of preserving his statesman’s role — a hero above mere politics — he chose to cash in.

His mercenary vehicle was Giuliani Partners, which was billed primarily as a management consulting firm, though neither he nor his group of former City Hall aides had management consulting experience. He was doubtlessly aware that it wasn’t his expertise his clients would pay for, but rather his name.

To be fair, Rudy was always a small, petty fellow like a certain other New Yorker who was widely known to be puny, never one suited to greatness, and so there really was no elder statesman option available to him. Yes, in the aftermath of 9/11, Rudy was calm and controlling, what a city needed, with his former golf caddy driver, Bernie, at his side, but he topped out at calm. You can’t make a living off keeping your cool, and besides, it was just this one time, and not the way his normal way of reacting to crisis. Rudy got one right. That was good, but not good enough for a future career. But I digress.

Today is 9/11, the 21st anniversary of the day terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and firefighters, police officers, and court officers rushed in to save lives and died.

I do not forget. I will not.


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