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LGBTQ+ Spain: the 6 best places to visit with Contiki


Ah, Barcelona. Beautiful beach. Beautiful architecture. Amazing food. But it also has an open and vibrant gay scene, with plenty of iconic bars and clubs throughout the city. (The area of Eixample, near the university, is often referred to as Gayxample!). If you’re looking for a hip queer bar, look no further than La Frederica, with laid-back vibes and killer cocktails. If you’re after more of a party, check out Átame Bar Musical, famed for its epic drag parties.

And then there’s the huge annual pride celebration, of course. Where you can get your party/protest on under the Catalonian sun. Bliss.

(And remember, just outside of Barcelona, along the coast, you’ll find Sitges. Arguably the gay capital of the world.)


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