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Lexis API for Courtroom Insight Adds LexisNexis Context Analytics to Judge and Expert Profiles


 Courtroom Insight today announced a collaboration with LexisNexis® Legal & Professional.  LN will enable customers who have both Courtroom Insight and LexisNexis to automatically access select Lexis Context Analytics and Lexis+ information about expert witnesses and judges. The new data will appear with  within the Courtroom Insight Knowledge Management platform profiles of judges and experts. This integration also allows Lexis Search Advantage users to easily access and navigate relevant Courtroom Insight profiles and research from within their internal search and document systems.

The first live ILTA meeting since 2019 provided the venue for the launch of this new offering. I sat down with Jeff Pfeifer who explained how the Courtroom Insight API is part of a Lexis strategy to build a single connected workflow for lawyers. Lawyers shouldn’t have to interrupt their process by locating and launching a new tool to complete a task.  Lexis is [prepared to support law firms at all phases of the API journey from novice applications to sophisticated data integrations.

“Our firm is a strong proponent of integrating data sources wherever possible to make it easier to access critical information,” shared Scott Bailey, Director of Research and Knowledge Services at Eversheds Sutherland. “Courtroom Insight is our preferred platform for accessing knowledge about experts, arbitrators and judges and, when combined with the power of Lexis+, these two key legal sources create an amplified value to both our users and clients.”

“LexisNexis is committed to making data and actionable insights available within our customers’ workflow,” explained Jeff Pfeifer, Chief Product Officer, LexisNexis North America, UK and Ireland. “Many clients report that Courtroom Insight is their attorneys’ first stop when seeking expert witness and judicial information so pursuing this collaboration was a priority for us. Courtroom Insight leveraged LexisNexis expert witness identifiers, APIs, and metadata to seamlessly build links back to trusted LexisNexis content. This integration saves a law firm from doing the development work and becoming experts in data normalization.”

“We are excited to deliver the highly valued data insights and powerful analytics that LexisNexis offers to our clients,” added Mark Torchiana, co-founder and CEO of Courtroom Insight. “Moreover, we look forward to the opportunity to share trusted information between our solutions and to develop innovative APIs and other technologies that will make our integration even more powerful.”

Here is an example of a Courtroom Insight profile  of Judge Lucy Koh including Context analytics.


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