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LEX Reception Expands to Lead Qualification Services



Sometimes lawyers just need a little help managing their incoming phone calls. No one likes to call their attorney and get an answering machine. Answering services have been assisting with that for a long time. Remote work and distributed offices have increased.  And lawyers are looking to their virtual receptionists for more than just a friendly voice picking up the phones. Companies like LEX Reception are more than happy to expand their offerings.

Yes, virtual reception companies can help with inbound calls. But LEX can assist with outbound calls, qualifying leads, and even setting up appointments. In both Spanish and English.

LEX Reception Beyond Answering

Fielding inbound calls is LEX Reception’s bread-and-butter. But they have been working to increase their offerings and make their services more accessible over the last few years. They have launched a web app, mobile app, and softphone to help attorneys access their services from anywhere. They now have a video conferencing application called Teleport built right into their system. And they integrate with many of the most popular Law Practice Management Systems.

Beyond technological upgrades, though, LEX is also making itself an integral partner in a law firm’s intake process. LEX Reception can easily assist with marketing campaigns by fielding and filtering incoming calls. More importantly, however, they can make outbound calls. So web qualified leads can have a human being help them set up an appointment with the law office.

How to Get It

Ready to learn more? See more features and community comments in our full review of LEX Reception. Don’t forget to claim your Affinity Partner discount. Or, if you’re ready to jump right in, get a custom demo at LEXReception.com.

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