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Legal Blogging With Feeling, Dedication and Emotion

How about legal blogging with a little feeling, dedication and emotion?

You know:

“Show some emotion
Put expression in your eyes
Light up if you’re feeling happy
But if it’s bad then let those tears roll down.”

I’ve always liked Joan Armatrading and her music. I can’t say I’ve ever thought of using her lyrics in sharing insight on legal blogging – until yesterday.

The above from her song, “Show Some Emotion,” and the below from “Love with Affection.”

“Sing me another love song
But this time
With a little dedication
Sing it, sing it
You know that’s what I like

With affection

With a little dedication

Once more with feeling

You know that’s what I like”

I am not suggesting that blogging lawyers let their tears roll down, but I am suggesting that blogging insight and commentary be delivered with a little emotion – with feeling.

Legal blogging works – defined as building a name and generating a lifetime of business – because people learn to trust the blogging lawyer.

People “hear” the lawyer talking to them with care, compassion, emotion – and yes, dedication to a niche in the law and the people they serve.

Blogs that fail tend to deliver “content” without any emotion.

A “report” on the law or an event or, worse yet, blog posts fraudulently written by someone other than the lawyer held up as written by the lawyer.

No dedication, no feeling, no emotion, no expression.

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