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Legal Bloggers May Have Unique Identification Number


Each legal blogger may need to receive an individual ID number for the tracking of their legal blogging.

ID numbers would be assigned to bloggers who are legal practitioners, legal academics, law librarians, law students, other legal professionals and those working in companies ancillary to legal services.

Why numbers? For the aggregation, archival and syndication of credible legal blog content.

Without numbers it can be tough to track a blogger to their blog posts and to the blog publications where they have blogged.

Many law firms look at blog content as something to be removed when a lawyer leaves the firm.

Many law firms move blog content from one url to another regardless of whether citations and related links are broken.

Some law firms and other legal organizations take blogs down all togther.

Thus the need for an archive of all legal blog content. It’s in the works at the Open Legal Blog Archive, backed by LexBlog.

For the Archive to properly function, each blogger needs to be tracked and to receive appropriate attribution of authorship to posts written by them.

Such posts may be on multiple blogs and the blogs may be owned by different organizations.

Anyone doing a search for content on legal blogs needs to know that they have found the right authors.

Anyone researching the insight and commentary of a particular blogger needs to know they have found all of their work.

Anyone researching a particular subject needs to know they have access to all leading insight and commentary on legal blogs.

Sources of syndicated legal blog posts, whether it be a research and AI platform or a niche publication, such as all legal blog posts relating to the pandemic need to include all relevant posts with authors.

The Archive, with a profile of all legal blog authors, which profile includes a list of all of an author’s blog posts needs to be able to track authors.

An identification number may not be hard to implement in the Archive’s aggregation and syndication platforms.

So who knows, maybe something in the works.


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