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Lead XRPL Developer Gives Insight on XRP Tip Bot for Twitter


No sooner had Musk finalized the deal to buy Twitter than the debate over which cryptocurrency should be used on the social network heated up. So another round of discussions began when, in response to Anthony Pompliano’s claim that Bitcoin is Twitter’s best potential currency, crypto lawyer John Deaton was quick to disagree and reminded users that there was an XRP Tip Bot on the network a few years ago.

This is where the author of that innovation, Wietse Wind, who is now probably the leading developer on XRPL, entered the discussion. Wind shared his similar development for Reddit five years ago, where XRP was to be used for donations. In addition, the developer shared another bot that allows XRP to be tweeted using another Wind product, Xumm Wallet.

Will community get XRP Tip Bot 2.0?

According to the bot’s statistics, 20,531 donations totaling 154,643 XRP have been sent through it over its lifetime. The original XRP Tip Bot was banned from Twitter in 2020 due to a breach of service rules. The XRP community then linked the bot’s blocking to former Twitter head Jack Dorsey, who is a known Bitcoin maximalist.


XRP enthusiasts have already begun contacting Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, asking him to unblock the bot, while Musk himself has remained silent on the company’s plans, especially in the crypto area.


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