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LawPay Launches New Integration with Neos from Assembly Legal



LawPay now integrates directly with Neos, the law practice management platform from Assembly Legal. LawPay already works and plays well with most systems, through its payment link functionality.  This direct integration, though, provides much more power and usability.

LawPay Directly Integrates with Neos

According to LawPay, this integration allows for more customized reporting and document conversion. This means less data siloed in separate platforms. Law offices will be able to gather better information about their files and manage their accounts receivable more effectively.

Importantly, though, this maintains LawPay’s advanced encryption capabilities and level 1 PCI compliance. This will allow Neos users to store client credit card information with confidence and ease. And they can take advantage of LawPay’s Card Vault system.

How to Get It

Want to learn more? Check out our full review of LawPay, including community comments, features, FAQs, and more demos. Ready to contact LawPay directly? Request a free demo from them over at LawPay.com.

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